Our experienced cardiothoracic surgeons specialize in all areas of cardiothoracic surgery, including Cyberknife and minimally invasive procedures. We are well trained in using the latest techniques, and offer our patients various treatment options, including the following: 



Cardiac Surgery

  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  • Cardiac valve replacement (Aortic and Mitral)
  • Mitral and tricuspid valve repair
  • Minimally invasive valve surgery
  • Arrhythmia surgery (Maze Procedure)
  • Repair of ASD and VSD
  • Left ventricular aneurysm repair
  • Convergent (Maze Procedure)
  • Laser pacemaker lead extraction


General Thoracic Surgery

  • Lung cancer surgery 
  • Esophageal surgery
  • CyberKnife radiotherapy
  • Mediastinal mass resection
  • Thymoma resection
  • Benign esophageal surgery
  • Surgery for mesothelioma
  • Surgery for thoracic outlet syndrome
  • Navigational Bronchoscopy
  • Low Dose CT Lung Screenings 


Aortic Surgery

  • Thoracic aortic aneurysm
  • Thoracic aortic stent grafting
  • Thoracic aortic dissection repair


Minimally Invasive Valve Repair

  • Mitral valve repair/replacement
  • Aortic valve repair/replacement
  • Tricuspid valve repair
  • Repair of atrial septal defects
  • Resection of atrial tumors
  • Trans-Aortic Valve Repair- TAVR


Minimally Invasive Thoracic Surgery

  • Lung cancer surgery
  • Achalasia surgery 
  • Repair of hiatal hernia
  • Esophageal cancer surgery
  • Sympathectomy for hyperhidrosis
  • Thymectomy for myasthenia gravis
  • Treatment for malignant effusion
  • Treatment for pneumothorax
  • Benign esophageal surgery


CyberKnife Radiosurgery 

  • Lung cancer